Part 1: Breaking God’s Heart

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To try dig a bit deeper and find more clarity in what God is doing in my life I have decided to start putting my thoughts on record. I will try not to write in a random, scattered manner as I usually do, but maybe in a way that others can actually read and follow…. Read more »

Part 2: Desiring Depth

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I ended off the last installment with how we can break Gods heart (Part 1). I am now going to attempt to write about the emptiness of a life without God. I come from a family that is aptly described as dysfunctional. My childhood was easy compared to what many people endure and I have… Read more »

Part 3: Castles and Stallions

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Since the last installment (part 2) I experienced one of those unpleasant, yet necessary occurrences that seem so common in life. I am used to being in control. I usually have a tight grip on my emotions to the point that they are barely even felt. I valued emotional control immensely and would use it… Read more »

Part 4: Prison

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So the walls turned out to be somewhat bigger than a simple garden wall. I always pictured it as a fortress, which is accurate, but the scale of said fortress…It was pictured hundreds of times too small. I wonder how many people who have such barriers would contemplate for a time if they are pyscho… Read more »

Part 5: Pursuit

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Pursuit God is good and God is great. We don’t deserve anything from Him, nothing at all. We haven’t done Him a favour by saying “Jesus I accept you into my life”. What can we possibly do for Him that he can’t do for Himself? God certainly does not need us. However, God is also… Read more »